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LA ROSAH Call for Partners

Los Angeles Regional Open Space and Affordable Housing Collaborative (“LA ROSAH”) is seeking partners with a commitment to equitable development for our affordable housing and parks/open space joint development bench.
We are looking for individuals and organizations with expertise with the development of affordable housing, design services, capacity building and community organizing, workforce development, lobbying and advocacy, conservation, parks development, and other related fields.

LA ROSAH includes non-profit organizations, community groups and public agencies. It was created in 2016 over concerns that the restoration of the Los Angeles River and other green infrastructure investments were contributing to the growing affordable housing crisis and homelessness in Los Angeles County. As part of its mission to advance strategies that prevent displacement related to urban development, LA ROSAH is creating a model for the joint development of parks/open space and affordable housing, adapted from successful joint development programs focused on transit-oriented development (TOD). Public park and conservation agencies can play a similar role to transit agencies by partnering with affordable housing developers to create integrated housing and parks/open space projects with multiple benefits. Read more about LA ROSAH’s joint development model here (link to storymap).


This Call for Partners is an exciting opportunity to support LA ROSAH in advancing its ongoing work in Los Angeles County. As part of LA ROSAH’s joint development bench, partners will have the opportunity to lend their expertise on these joint development projects, collaborate with like-minded professionals in urban development, and attend and contribute to workshops on joint development to build capacity in the region.

To apply to be a part of LA ROSAH’s bench, please complete the survey below and tell us about your interest in the joint development of affordable housing and parks/open space and the expertise, resources and connections you can contribute to LA ROSAH’s efforts. For questions, please contact Natalie Zappella, Enterprise Community Partners:

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    What Are Your Areas of Expertise?

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    What cities/communities in LA County do you work in?

    If required, are you interested in providing pro bono services?

    What is your professional experience in projects that involve affordable housing, parks/open space, and/or green infrastructure?

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    Tell us about your interest in the LA ROSAH joint development model of affordable housing and parks/open space/green infrastructure projects.

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    What is your approach to working in vulnerable communities?

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    What does your community engagement strategy look like?

    What resources and/or relationships can you bring to LA ROSAH's efforts?

    (Eg. Ongoing projects that could be pilots for LA ROSAH's model, potential joint development sites, community partnerships)

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    Optional: Upload any past project examples that you would like to highlight.

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